Morganti Weapons (was: Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt)

Mon Mar 10 11:41:12 PST 2003

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 01:16:49PM -0500, John Klein wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Andrew Lias wrote:
> @> >AFB, but Vlad said something similar to "my soul would have gone to feed a
> @> >sentience in six inches of steel" in Jhereg (I think). It's the sort of
> @> >line that sticks with you. Maybe "feed" is being used metaphorically
> @> >there, but I got the impression from other bits in other books that
> @> >they're actually eating the souls.
> @> 
> @> I remember that -- I really got the impression that it was metaphorical, in 
> @> the sames sense that we talk about feeding wood to a fire.  Of course, this 
> @> is blurred by the fact that MWs, unlike fire, actually do appear to have 
> @> some level of sentience, making them more akin to living beings, but I don't 
> @> get the impression that they have metabolisms.  We don't see them, for 
> @> instance, excreting anything after they've consumed a soul, nor do they 
> @> appear to have anything like respiration, growth, or reproduction.
> @> 
> @> As such, pending any evidence for a metabolism (which is the whole reason 
> @> that living organisms feed upon other things), I don't think that an MW 
> @> "eating" a soul is really like it *eating* a soul.
> Even the "feeding wood to a fire" metaphor works fine as far as my
> question is concerned; if you stop feeding a fire, it goes away. I'm not
> claiming that Morganti weapons meet our full definition of "living"; 
> that's problematic, as you've shown here. I was thinking of them more as
> very sophisticated blenders, with the souls being the electrical supply
> (hence the possibility that they just go dormant if they can't eat). A
> blender doesn't have any metabolism that meets our definition of the term,
> but it definitely does require power to perform its various functions.

I would use the analogy 'feeding sticks to a wood-chipper'.

Or, to use an analogy Vlad would appreciate - 'feeding meat to a
sausage machine'.

There are lots of machines that you feed - you put something in, you
get something out.  Now, what you get OUT of a Morganti weapon is an
interesting question...

Scott Raun
sraun at fireopal.org