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Mon Mar 10 16:23:29 PST 2003

> (As an aside, since there were still Lavodes in tPG, about a thousand years 
> ago, the "Lavode scandal" was probably not the discovery that Sethra was 
> undead.)

On the contrary, I think it highly likely that the discovery of her undead
nature was part of "The Lavode Scandal".  (I am agnostic as to whether
that discovery was cause or effect.)  I'm AFB, so can't quote all my
reasoning, but here's the references from my timeline:

  ??? BI
    The Lavodes are disbanded "before the Interregnum" (Is 199).  [This may
  be an otherwise unreferenced event, or it may refer to the period (late 
  in Tortaalik's reign) when Sethra was officially removed from command.]

  ~750 BI??
    The Lavode Scandal (PG 30).
    Sethra banned from court, resigns as head of the Lavodes ("many years
  ago", PG 49).  This may be a result of the discovery that she is now
  undead (FH 98).

If "head of the Lavodes" was considered an Imperial Office (unknown,
but seems reasonably likely), than by holding it while undead, Sethra 
would have been in blatant violation of the law.

It should be noted that "The Lavode Scandal" and the "Disbanding of
the Lavodes" may not be the same event.


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