more comments on tPotD (tPotD spoilers)

David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Tue Mar 11 00:26:24 PST 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Philip Hart wrote:

>Some unsystematic comments on The Paths of the Dead:

Or, Röaanac (if your mail client can properly show characters with

[snip stuff about Pel's meeting with Sethra, and the letter he wrote
about it afterwards, which I agree is very cool]

>In the letter itself I found it interesting that Pel writes "The
>Enchantress intends to oppose us" and not "oppose you".  I think this
>is extremely familiar on a linguistic level (it should be "oppose
>Your Majesty and me" if anything) as well as conceptually, conflating
>Pel and Skinter.  I suspect the translator is unfamiliar with courtly
>language conventions or Paarfi is telling us something about the
>depth of Pel's ambition.

Or Pel may have been influenced by Sethra's opposition into thinking
of Skinter as a mere pretender, and himself, a mere opportunist.  I
don't think Skinter, or even his cousin, are adept enough to notice. 

I wonder if Pel is thinking of trying to bail out?


>Does someone understand why the Necromancer, who comes from an
>entirely different world, shows up in a Dragaeran body?

Well, we have seen some shape-shifting (Devera->Dragon), so that might
explain it.  Or possibly, the Gods might have shown her the corpses of
Dragaerans that had come over the Falls, and said "Pick one".  Heh.

I note that Vlad has mentioned that Sethra and the Necromancer have a
similar appearance.  Perhaps Verra found it amusing to suggest that
the Necromancer use Sethra's body (which they might have the
information for from Sethra's adventure on the Paths) as a template. 

> And are the gods responsible for other worlds?

The comments imply to me that they can and do travel to other worlds
and/or dimensions.  I don't think they are *responsible* for any of
them.  But it would be interesting to see.

Some of Robert Sloane's remarks about Piarra describe a complex
multiverse with travel and influences between universes, and Steve
might be hinting that the Necromancer is from a universe in that

> (the World of Seven Doors [see Chapter 18, and by the way are we
>getting some indicating of seven as a mystic number?  In _Athyra_
>Savn browses The Book of Seven Wizards if I remember correctly.]) 

I thought you were satisfied that the Book of Seven Wizards was
explained as a Scribblies in-joke?

Hmm.  Perhaps the World of Seven Doors is a similar in-joke.  Seven
writing styles?