Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Tue Mar 11 07:47:34 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 10:18, Davis, Iain E. wrote:
> > From: Gaertk at aol.com [mailto:Gaertk at aol.com] 
> > Speaking for myself, I will always spoiler protect the
> > Greater Revelation of Orca, even if Steve writes 100 
> > more books.
> > 
> > I haven't decided yet what my policy will be for Issola.
> I think both Orca and Issola need spoiler space.  The surprises would be
> utterly spoiled without it.

Hmm.. there are of course plot surprises in every book.  However there
are only certain ones that we regularly talk about on here in regards to
how things work on Dragaera.  The major ones I can think of are Loraan
coming back, the end of _Issola_, and the end of _Orca_, and the
Dolivar/Vlad connection.  However, I don't think any of these ruin the
books they're in.  Loraan coming back and the Dolivar/Vlad connection
are revealed somewhat early in their respective books.  Vlad getting
Godslayer is hinted in at least one or two other books prior.  Although
the Teldra bit is a bit of a surprise.  So that may be a bit of a
surprise to keep.  Then there's the end of _Orca_.  Quite honestly, it
doesn't ruin the book.  However, that scene is special in its own way
because it makes you reevaluate all the other Vlad books you've already

So.. I was going to say we should only spoiler space _Orca_, but now I'm
leaning towards spoiler spacing both _Orca_ and _Issola_.

> Admittedly, I've been wondering if it is simply courteous to attempt to
> flag/spoiler space for all books.  That way utterly new[1] people don't
> lose out. :).
> [1] "I just read Jhereg! I want more! Whoa! There's a mailing list?
> Cool. Ack! There are how many books? And you just told me the surprise
> from which one?"

Now to be the Devil's Advocate.. if they care that much, just let them
wait a week or two.  Seriously.  I'm a slow reader and I read all the
Vlad books (minus _Issola_ which wasn't out at the time) within a week. 
And I also think I got a good bit into PG during that week as well.