Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Tue Mar 11 07:45:37 PST 2003

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 10:56:15AM -0500, John Klein <zarkon at illrepute.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Davis, Iain E. wrote:
> @> I think both Orca and Issola need spoiler space.  The surprises would be
> @> utterly spoiled without it.
> @> Admittedly, I've been wondering if it is simply courteous to attempt to
> @> flag/spoiler space for all books.  That way utterly new[1] people don't
> @> lose out. :).
> This policy has much to recommend it. I tend to prefer to err on the side
> of too much spoiler space rather than too little; my fingers aren't going
> to be damaged by hitting return a bunch of times, whereas someone's
> enjoyment of a book could be seriously ruined by spoilers. So what's the
> objection to having the space? If there are people out there who are just
> too lazy to scroll down to where the text starts, I have absolutely no
> sympathy for them.

This argument has been hashed out here before, but it boils down 
to the fact that, if spoiler protection never expires, than every 
single message to a mailing list such as this one will require 
spoiler protection.

*Every single one*.

At that point, it makes more sense to just declare the whole list 
a spoiler zone, explicitly note this in the opening message, and 
let people make the decision however they like.

It's courteous to allow people a few weeks to acquire a new book 
and finish reading it right after it comes out, because not 
everyone can get it instantly, but at some point the burden 
switches to the reader.

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