Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Tue Mar 11 08:13:08 PST 2003

> From: Richard Congdon [mailto:richard at pikachu.harvard.edu] 
> For my part, I suspect that there is no one on the list that 
> has not read all the Vlad books.  I base this on the 

A bold generalization. :).  If Ken's still on the list, I believe that
he has not. However, he may have bailed out because of the activity
(which you address below).

> supposition that if someone is interested enough in the books 
> to have subscribed to this very active list, they are a real 

Well..., I don't regard this as an _very_ active list but it's
definitely a subjective thing.

> fan.  Perhaps not a big enough fan to buy the hardcovers, but 
> they're all out in paperback now.

Being a fan doesn't mean they will be able to read all the books,

There are numerous limiting factors: Availability at the library,
finances, time, having a life...

Surely there are "fans" without about "fanatical" :).  I mean, not
everyone has time to seek out every book that Brust has published, yes?