Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Tue Mar 11 14:35:39 PST 2003

>And this is going into the realm of insanity.  Sure, not everyone
>can or will get the books immediately in hardcover.  But it's
>often a year or more before the book is available in paperback. 
>So we should spoiler-protect books for a year or more after their
>release?  Or even longer, to accomodate people who just
>don't want to get the book right away even in paperback? 
>What about foreign language readers?  People who can't find the
>early books?
>IMHO, the whole list is a spoiler zone.  If you don't want to be
>spoiled... don't read the list. 

   On some other lists I am on the spoiler rules apply for 8 weeks 
after the book is released----then you just put the book title in the 
subject line until the paperback comes out after that everything is 
fair game.