Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Tue Mar 11 23:18:58 PST 2003

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Jot Powers wrote:

[snipped clear replies to my hypotheticals - ditto Matthew Hunter, who
replied to my off-list hypothetical question about setting up a server
that would allow this list to search for occurances of words in the Texts
by saying the legality is probably marginal and would be a judge's call.]

> Now, all of this is an EXTREMELY complex issue.  I'm only explaining
> it because you seem geniunely confused.  If you don't believe this
> is morally right, I'm not going to argue, because it doesn't matter,
> and in my relatively short lifetime I've learned that these discussions
> via email offer no chance of enlightment, and more to the point,
> I don't care if you agree or not.

Just for the record I'm not entirely stupid about these matters, but
I feel somewhat uneasy about buying works of art second-hand [how many
authors feel the same way as SKZB about this, incidentally?] and wonder
about other ways of getting my dollars to the artists.  Maybe it's the
case that the current system is best - the companies provide capital,
distribution, etc. that individuals could never finance - and I sure spend
plenty of time in used book stores.  Anyway, since you don't care what I
think, and I don't really know what I think, I'll shut up now.  - Philip