Morganti Weapons (was: Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt)

Wed Mar 12 08:25:13 PST 2003

> From: Jag [mailto:agrajag at dragaera.net]
> On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 16:02, circadian rhyme wrote:
> >  When StY and Aliera fought at
> > the end of _Dragon_, and the Morganti sword exploded, wouldn't the
> > shrapnel have been positively hazardous?  If not, then does sundering
> > a Morganti weapon dissipate its noxious nature?
> I just had a thought on this.  There is some serious magic at work when
> it comes to MWs.  And the magic is focused on the entire blade.  So it
> might make sense that when the blade is more or less destroyed, that the
> magical effects dissapate.  Somewhat like stories where a magical
> artifact is destroyed and thus all its magical abilities go away as
> well, even if you still have the pieces of it.
> Who knows, perhaps if you reforge the blade the effects would return,
> but I bet only the Serioli would know how to reforge the blade.

I'll bet that Khavreens buttons were secretly part of a GreatWeapon.
Where else better to hide them than plain sight ?  Will we ever be told ?


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