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Wed Mar 12 12:52:19 PST 2003

Chris Turkel <zizban at adelphia.net> writes:

> On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 12:23 AM, David 
> Silberstein wrote:
>> She doesn't say exactly that.  What she says is that 
>> Easterners - what *we* call humans - arrived first (except 
>> for the Serioli, who are native) and were modified by the 
>> Jenoine into Dragaerans.  She doesn't say explicitly 
>> "terrans", of course.
>> This also jibes with the Serioli calling Vlad "of the Old 
>> People" or "People from the small invisible lights".
> I should modify my original question . I have read Issola 
> but even before it was published there was such 
> speculation. Are there references in earlier books?

The Mr. Lung comments above are from _Dragon_.  I'm pretty
sure Verra made some comments in _Phoenix_, and there might
have been something said when Aliera mentions the Jenoine to
Vlad in _Jhereg_.