Vlad and Morganti weapons (was: Re: Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (spoilers for POTD))

Wed Mar 12 18:52:20 PST 2003

David Silberstein wrote:

> And interestingly enough, Khaavren does feel weakened by the Morganti
> sword's nearness.  Adron also says that it "disgusts" him.
> Savn also reacts very negatively to a Morganti weapon's nearness.
> I think Vlad may be attributing to all Dragaerans an immunity to
> Morganti evilness that does not exist.  Some Dragaerans are just
> better at controlling their reactions, that's all.  And some
> Easterners can learn to do it as well.

IIRC, can't the "Morganti feeling" be hidden when it's in its sheath? 
I'm thinking of Vlad telling Kragar he needs some Morganti weapons,
strong enough to be noticeable when unsheathed, but not so strong that
anyone would notice when they're sheathed.

I don't remember any suggestion that psionics or sorcery is affected by
whatever's being looked for as being behind or under anything (stone
walls, etc.) - so would that mean that Morganti weapons are totally
different from psionics or sorcery, or just that Morganti weapons don't
'wake up' unless they're unsheathed?