Concerning Morganti Weapons (Issola spoiler)

Thu Mar 13 13:25:42 PST 2003

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

> On 13 Mar 2003, Jag wrote:
> >
> >However, there is one thing that has always bugged me.  I know at one
> >point Vlad mentioned a MW or two that had handles shaped for a
> >Dragaeran, which is larger than an Easterner.  However, when he meets
> >a Serioli in _Dragon_, the Serioli is described as short (page 107).
> >So, its possible they still have large hands to match that of
> >Dragaerans, but I always figured they made the MWs for themselves, so
> >why would they be sized (handles and blade length) for use by a
> >Dragaeran?
> >
> Speculations:
> 1)  The Serioli strategy was to offer these terrible weapons to
> Dragaerans, and hope that *Dragaerans* become less warlike because the
> weapons are in fact so terrible.  Or failing that, that they will
> use the weapons against each other.
> 2)  The Serioli were, or are, willing to forge them for Dragaerans, if
> the price is right (ie, astronomical).  But that assumes that the
> effort of creation is not too difficult.
> 3)  Some Dragaerans have learned how to forge Morganti weapons.
> 4)  Some or all of the above?

5) Vlad's Serioli was a runt.

6) It's hard to make MWs but it's easy to retrofit them a la Baritt.

6a) MWs resize themselves to some extent - say to fit the first user.
This is less stupid a speculation than it appears in view of
Spellbreaker's Alice routine.

Re the question of Godslayer and Pathfinder, I took the discussion in
Dragon to indicate that the Serioli had limited prescience (sp?) and
wasn't implying causality in our sense of it - gya just knew that B
would follow A.