1st Occasional SF Bay Area Brustian Gathering

Sun Mar 16 22:51:01 PST 2003

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, David Gunderson wrote:
> Sounds like a fun thing.......I'd vote for San Jose (As I am here :-) and a 
> weekday.  Although Tuesday and I have been feuding, so not that one.  (Just 
> kidding.  I'm not insane, and if I am...I owe you a coke ;-)

I suppose this Wednesday would be fine, though I might not be able to stay
long as I have a midterm and an essay the next day, but I would prefer the
Mountain View/Palo Alto region.  If people could get to a Caltrain station
in the area, I might be able to pick up from there. 

I know several places on Castro St in Mountain View that is right off
Caltrain.  Also, California St in Palo Alto has some nice places, and is
within walking distance of Caltrain.


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