another few comments on _tPotD_

Mon Mar 17 08:31:41 PST 2003

> In Yendi, when they're all speaking about Norathar's parents being 
> killed in battle, Norathar asks why they were not revivified. Sethra 
> answers, "I don't know. They were in the battle, but I didn't kill them 
> personally. They both had massive head injuries due to sorcery. Beyond 
> that, I can't tell you." To me, this implies that revivification was at 
> least possible before FHYA, as Sethra does not answer with 
> "revivification was impossible at the time."

I think this has to count as one of those "early-book inconsistencies"
that long series are often prone to.  I'd be willing to accept that either
Norathar or Sethra had a brain-fart, but not both at once.  Or, of course,
we can fall back on that old standby, and blame the error on Brust-The-
Translator: "Huh, I wonder why Vlad didn't put in anything about 
revivification here?  He probably just forgot.  I'll just slip in a guess
to cover the plot hole..."

Perhaps SKZB will fix it in a later edition.  (He has done that for a few 
such things already, such as references to "24 hours" being the length of 
a day.)


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