1st Occasional So Calif Brustian Gathering

Mon Mar 17 13:41:12 PST 2003

>Nathan wrote:
>San Diego (Encinitas) also!  I'm not a big fan of the casinos but that's 
>hardly a reason to not gather.  Does anyone know of a Hungarian restaurant 
>anywhere around here?

If we are headed toward San Diego, we can go to a casino, we could also meet 
at Old Town (big margaritas = yummy!! supposedly haunted cities = fun!!). We 
can also go for Hungarian cuizine, but this I had a little harder time 
finding. So far I have only found a Hungarian restaurant in Los Angeles, I 
have searched various databases too and this is the only place I have found. 
I anyone else has any ideas let me know:

Studio City, CA 91604

If you are a serious carnivore, then Hortobagy's Wooden Platter is a must: a 
groaning board for two piled high with spicy pork sausages, breaded slabs of 
veal and liver, vinegared potato salad, marinated red cabbage and a small 
hillock of rice. The goulash is thick and topped with sour cream.



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