1st Occasional So Calif Brustian Gathering

Mon Mar 17 16:51:22 PST 2003

>>San Diego (Encinitas) also!  I'm not a big fan of the casinos but 
>>hardly a reason to not gather.  Does anyone know of a Hungarian 
>>anywhere around here?
>If we are headed toward San Diego, we can go to a casino, 

<whimper>  As long as it's not Viejas.  It's bad enough that I work 
there; I wouldn't want the rest of you to become tainted by the 
Viejas Icksomeness.

Besides, everyone would get lost trying to meet there.  "Well, 
first you have to get to Alpine -"  "Where's that?"  "...  Um, 
Tennessee.  Or something."

>we could also meet 
>at Old Town (big margaritas = yummy!! supposedly haunted cities = 

Old Town is fabulously shiny, yes, and you can kidnap newts and 
little frogs from some of the ornamental ponds if you've a mind to 
do so.  

>can also go for Hungarian cuizine, but this I had a little harder 
>finding. So far I have only found a Hungarian restaurant in Los 

Well, yes.  San Diego, as studly as it is in most other respects, 
fails to have much in the way of exotic foodnesses.  There's a 
Persian restaurant with rose-petal ice cream, and that seems to be 
about as far as The Powers That Be are willing to permit San 
Diegans to indulge internationally-inclined palates.

scurrying off to class