1st Occasional So Calif Brustian Gathering

Mon Mar 17 14:41:41 PST 2003

At 12:46 -0800 17.3.2003, Nathan P. Bardsley wrote:

 > San Diego (Encinitas) also!  I'm not a big fan of the casinos but that's
 > hardly a reason to not gather.  Does anyone know of a Hungarian restaurant
 > anywhere around here?

I'm no longer in the area (well, for vacations twice a year, but not
otherwise), but my brother and I clearly remember going to a Hungarian
restaurant in Del Mar.  Unfortunately we have no idea of the name, and this
was about 7 years ago, so it may not even be there anymore.  Web searches
aren't revealing anything that I can find, but does anyone have a phone
book that covers Del Mar?  The restaurant listings might have something
that the web doesn't, although it's a long shot. :)

- Nancy.