1st Occasional So Calif Brustian Gathering

Mon Mar 17 15:09:45 PST 2003

>Nancy Thuleen wrote:
>I'm no longer in the area (well, for vacations twice a year, but not
>otherwise), but my brother and I clearly remember going to a Hungarian
>restaurant in Del Mar.  Unfortunately we have no idea of the name, and this 
>was about 7 years ago, so it may not even be there anymore.  Web searches 
>aren't revealing anything that I can find, but does anyone have a phone 
>book that covers Del Mar?  The restaurant listings might have something 
>that the web doesn't, although it's a long shot. :)

I did a yellow pages search and found nothing :( *whine* *whine* *whine*

If we really want Hungarian food this badly and anyone can think of a 
different and cool location to just hang out I can cook (and others can help 
I am sure); and I promise I cook better than my mother and better than my 
great-grandmother who came over here on the boat in the 1920's. Holly: 
*ducks just in case she's wrong "about it all"* Otherwise, I say we go for 
something completely different and we don't go to Viejas so MJ can joing us 
and tell us all about glomping Daymar.


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