Southern California Brustian Meeting

Mon Mar 17 16:16:26 PST 2003

Simply to keep organized (it is one of my bad habits), it looks like we have 
a total of 4 interested parties and though no place we have eliminated one 

Most of the parties reside in the San Diego Area, and we currently have no 
additional Los Angeles or Orange County Brust readers interested in joining 
our Occasional meeting. The parties are as follows:

- Lazarus
- Nathan Bardsley
- MJ
- Holly

We have eliminated holding the meeting at:

Viejas Casino in San Diego

One possibility offered by me, and confirmed by MJ would be:

Old Town
(which will be great as long as it is not raining, we need to watch for 
that, especially considering the last few days)

If anyone would like to join us, please advise.

If there are no other parties, then I suppose it is time for the four of us 
to decide if we have a large enough group, pick a location and then allow 
any indecisive individuals to decide if they will join us from whatever neck 
of the woods they live in.

If there are any other suggestions or my organization is off, let the list 


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