Southern California Brustian Meeting

Mon Mar 17 19:13:10 PST 2003

Here I think are some tentative plans for the First Occasional Southern 
California Brustian meeting. In light of Ricks's post it might be advisable 
to take this off the board and start conversing by personal e-mail. Though, 
if no one cares (such as myself) we will keep abusing the message board as 
we have been doing.

The following people have expressed an interest at the Southern California 

- MJ
- Nathan
- James
- Lazrus
- Spouse of Lazarus (by Lazarus's word)
- Holly
- SO of Holly (by Holly's word)

We will meet at Old Town San Diego where MJ and I can jump at the newts in 
the ponds:

For anyone who has never been to or heard of Old Town, it is a very cool 
place and I provide the following links for your review:




I have found three restaurants that look descent in Old Town (though the 
restaurant with the big margaritas that doesn't take reservations and you 
have to wait in line for isn't listed here); they are:

http://www.elagave.com (I like this place because they have lots of tequila, 
and that's my drink of choice!) *looks at MJ as designated driver, then has 
a wonderful idea, bring the SO and he can drive us all home*



We are missing a date and a time. Old Town is best viewed in the day(trust 
me I've gone right before the closed and it was no fun at all!), so I was 
thinking mid-afternoon.

Please someone suggest a date and time.

If we all want to drive to Los Angeles, I have also found two Hungarian 
restaurants in Los Angeles. One of the restaurants owners I spoke to and he 
told me his wife writes books on Hungarian history, so that could be 
entertaining also. However, Old Town appears closer to everyone than Los 
Angeles, and it is also a unique place to visit as it has some history 
behind it.

I have also been told Charlies by the Sea in La Jolla has excellent soup, 
but they are very expensive, and so I don't think that's such a good idea.

Anyone that doesn't like my ideas at all let me know so we can change them 
(someone has to organize here).

Anyone that's on board and likes my ideas let me know.

Anyone that would like to join us let us know. So far is looks like a group 
of seven, though I think we should make reservations for at least ten.


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