Southern California Brustian Meeting

Mon Mar 17 22:21:04 PST 2003

>Nathan P. Bardsley wrote:
>April 5th or 6th?

Of all the dates you could suggest! *humph*

I will tentatively be going out of town the weekend of April 6th. 
Alternatively I will be going out of town the weekend of April 12th. But, 
don't let that stand in anybodys way if that is good for everyone else. I am 
sure I will be having loads of fun without y'all.

If that date doesn't work out, then my end of March calendar was cleared up 
this morning, and my end of mid-April calendar is basically free too. We 
also have to take the rains into account if going to Old Town because a wet 
Old Town is no fun. I'm not yet sure how we do that.

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