Impeach George W. Bush

Gomi no Sensei gomi at speakeasy.net
Wed Mar 19 12:28:38 PST 2003

On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, Frank Mayhar wrote:

> Gomi no Sensei wrote:

> > Please refrain from spamming dragaera at dragaera.info with this sort of 
> > material, as it is off topic.

> Well, I for one am glad she did, and I respectfully disagree with your
> characterization of what she did as "spamming."  "Informing" is closer,
> I think.

Please. Unless the President is secretly in charge of the Jenoine, this is
not the place to discuss it. Unless you think it's also appropriate to
'inform' the list about my MONEY.MAKING.OPPORTUNITIES, Craig Shergold
postcard drives, and Nigerian refugees who need help getting millions of
dollars out of the country, I gently suggest that a mailing list devoted
to discussing a specific type of content ought to, well, restrict itself
to that content and whatever else consensus agrees is OK, which the
original message was not.

paul e.