Impeach George W. Bush

Thu Mar 20 23:21:11 PST 2003

At 03:04 PM 3/20/2003 +1100, Baralier wrote:
>Maybe I'm the only one to find the double standard in this group's
>willingness to bag the shit out of some-one's religious beliefs for days on
>end but as soon as a political message appears posts start flying around
>about how inappropriate that type of message is.

I didn't see it as a double-standard.  The objection was to the 
spamming.  The spamming was a regrettable error.  A sincere apology 
followed the regrettable error.  Inevitable misunderstandings followed the 
sincere apology which followed the regrettable error.  Cold hostility grew 
>from the inevitable misunderstandings that followed the sincere apology 
that followed the regrettable error.

If that isn't politics, what is?