drink (was Re: Klava Recipies)

Fri Mar 21 12:21:24 PST 2003

<sigh> I had hoped SOMEONE would get the Monty Python reference :-(

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>> I -KNOW- that this IS off topic, but does anybody know why the phrase

>> "Your mother wears army boots" is supposed to be so insulting? :)  Or

>> for that matter, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of 
>> elderberries"

>Hmm... I'm not sure of the first one.  I seem to recall
>my mother wearing army boots anyway, so it never really bothered me.

>The elderberries I'd assume is a polite (heh) way of saying he's a
drunkard.  The hamster?  >Well, I'm sure you could come up with
something for that, if you REALLY tried.... <grin>