drink (was Re: Klava Recipies)

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 21 13:57:48 PST 2003

> On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Frank Mayhar wrote:
> > 	"Help!  Help!  I'm being repressed!"
> Repressed?  I always thought it was "oppressed"
> "Help!  Help!  I'm being oppressed!  Come see the violence inherent in the
> system!"

It is, in fact, "repressed".  I had thought it was "oppressed"
for a long time.  'Till I saw this scene from the script and
started memorizing it (it is, in my opinion, one of, if not the,
best scene in the movie).

> Note: Not being nit-picky, I just hate mis-quoting things and can't go
> check the movie, as I have a fuzzy lump on my legs who I don't want to
> discourage from this out of nowhere cuddly streak.

A tribble?

"Blind man's night is music to the deaf, and 
everyone has *two* paths, not one, whence comes
tragedy and comedy, forsooth and damn straight,
 - "The Gypsy" - Brust & Lindholm