Sat Mar 22 06:05:05 PST 2003

> From: Gaertk at aol.com [mailto:Gaertk at aol.com] 
> Nope, sorry.  I found the odd-numbered books at a local used 
> bookstore, and got the even-numbered ones from an online 
> store (I think it was Pandora Books).  I've found Bookfinder 
> ( www.bookfinder.com ) to be very good at finding stuff.  
> If searches for "Liavek" don't work, try putting in 
> "Shettery" for author and "binding" for title.

Thanks for the tip.  A quick glance at book finder revealed though that
the very bottom price is $10...that's been the bottom everywhere.

That's probably a warning to everyone...if you're browsing in a old
bookstore and happen to see Book #4...grab it. Depending on the
book-store it will be pricely much more comfortably. :)