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>>> BTW, I got the impression while reading the [Liavek] 
>>> books that the authors believed the series would end at 
>>> book four and so they tied up most of their plot threads, 
>>> forcing them to scramble to write something for book 5. 
>>> And as a result, book 5 had lots of characters acting out 
>>> of character for most of the stories (except Mr. Brust's, 
>>> of course).
>> That doesn't match my memory of the actual events.
> Nor mine.
> Volume 5 was the last chance to follow the less evident 
> implications of one's previous writing.  I might agree with 
> that as a characterization.
> We did know 5 was the last, and part of some people's idea 
> was to leave things open-ended enough for people who wanted 
> to write novels.  There was also some idea of picking up 
> some considerable time in the future.  But the scrambling, 
> if there was any, happened in 5, not in 4.

Hmm, I'm not sure we're understanding each other.  (Or maybe
I need to reread the books.)

My opinion is that the series should have stopped at book 4.
At that point, everything that needed wrapping up was.  Then
book 5 tried to add on, and it seemed that the authors tried
to surprise the readers, and in so doing, damaged their

_Liavek: Festival Week_ spoilers:









[I'm picking on Pamela solely because she responded; I've a 
much bigger gripe with Shetterly's story.]

I just can't imagine Dialos killing himself like this.  This 
is his idea of acting responsibly?  Yes, he's making a point,
but look at the cost, especially to Nerissa.