Neil Gaiman writes afterword

Sun Mar 30 22:14:59 PST 2003

Philip Hart wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Mar 2003, Jose Marquez wrote:
>>That's awesome! I really like Neil's stuff; it should be interesting to
>>see him take on Paarfi-isms. Paarfi is the reason I wish I could read
>>Dumas in the original French (seeing as I can't get a hold of the
>>Little, Brown translation).
> There are reasons to read Dumas in French, but Paarfiisms aren't among
> them.  The prose (especially in _Three Musketeers_) sounds quite modern to

I should have written more clearly (this is what happens when you're up 
until 5:30 am, rather than having woken up around then) that the 
Khaavren romances (which I label as Paarfi in my mind) are a large part 
of the reason I'd like to read Dumas in the original. I know that the 
romances are informed by the Dumas works, and I'd be interested to see 
how they sound originally.

> By the way, could someone remind me what house Paarfi belongs to?
> It probably should be borne in mind when reading his work.

House of the Hawk, I believe.

Jose Marquez
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