two comments on Issola

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 31 13:36:53 PST 2003

> If Iceflame is as snarky as Loiosh, maybe he/she said something like
> "Well.  The Easterner is learning some manners.  Maybe I *won't* eat
> his soul."  Assuming that's even what she was smiling about.

Tehehe... I like this explanation.  I'm away from my books, did
Vlad mention if it was actualy wine or if it was brandy?  If the
latter, maybe he was being a sarcastic pain, and she was noticing?

> Vlad never told Morrolan that he was held prisoner by the Greenaerans.
> He was pretty close-mouthed about the whole affair, as I recall.

Except that Morrolan helped Aliera and Cawti bust him out.  Actualy,
now that I think of it, wasn't he on the boat waiting for them?
Though I can't imagine them not mentioning to Morrolan that Vlad was
being held captive.

> As long as I'm talking about Phoenix, here's some thoughts:  those
> events that he partook in are why Vlad was so pissy when he met Verra
> again in "Issola".  I think that in "Phoenix", when Vlad accepts the
> commission, he had some vague notion that since his Goddess wanted
> this assassination, it was somehow for the greater good of all.  For
> all his vaunted cynicism, I think there were *some* things he thought
> of idealistically.

Really?  I thought that he just resigned himself to doing something
his patron Goddess asked and that he was being paid for a job.  It also
gave him a chance to get away for a bit, take his mind off things he
didn't want to think about anyway.  'Least, that's what I got from it....:)

> The revelation that it was (a) a murder of an innocent man who happens
> to be the ruler, and appears to have been loved, or at least liked, by
> his people (b) part of a deliberate & callous provocation towards war,
> (c) in fact aimed at screwing with his people, Easterners of South
> Adrilankha, and (d) didn't even *work* because the result she
> predicted didn't happen ... all came as several nasty shocks.  So Vlad
> was pissed off at himself for being her pawn, and pissed off at Verra
> for being so damn manipulative, and so he very nearly got himself into
> trouble when he met up with her again in her place of power, and he
> let some of that anger out. 

Oh, I'll agree with all that....<grin>

> Of course, poor Lady Teldra had no idea why Vlad was being so rude,
> but I think her forgiving attitude -- especially when she says that
> Vlad "always" acts appropriately -- says quite a bit about her,
> although I am still not sure if it's because she likes Vlad (along
> with everyone else), or was a little bit in love with him even then.

Hmm... I think Lady Teldra figured something was between the two of
them that raised Vlad's ire *because* she respected his tendency to act
appropriately.  And when she was worried he would step over a line,
gently nudged him.

I'm not sure about her being *in* love with Vlad, though.  Loves more
than most, perhaps, but given her nature and her love of everyone, I
doubt that she is in love with Vlad.  'Course, I could be wrong.  And
it's possible she grows into that....