two comments on Issola

Mon Mar 31 15:59:35 PST 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, M J wrote:
> True.  It was also extremely funny and is still one of My Favorite 
> Things Ever.  Aliera blushing is something that ought to happen 
> more often.  <glomps Aliera>

OK, this just makes me wonder if anyone's actually sat down and made a
glompability level chart or something...like 
#1 - Daymar
#2 - Paarfi
#3 - Aliera

I mean, is Aliera more glompable than Paarfi?  Is Daymar more glompable
than all of them?  :)

These are important issues!  I mean, what if you ran into Paarfi and
Aliera and Daymar all on a street and you only had time to glomp one?


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