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Thu May 15 11:38:54 PDT 2003

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Mark Tiller wrote:

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>>A-ha!  He must be in Castle Black, *above* the Overcast.
>But we know from VLAD's description, that you can see the ground
>from Castle Black

Think of it like this:  You're a young Dragonlord.  You've learned
sorcery, and how to do cool tricks with it.  You've just recently
learned the secrets of castle levitation of your e'Drien ancestors,
and you've just levitated your first castle.

Wouldn't you say to yourself, "Let's see how high I can take this
puppy..."?  (Although since this is Morrolan, it would be more like "I
wish to observe to what heights I can reach.")

Naturally, after Lady Teldra gently suggests that his guests would be
more comfortable at somewhat lower elevations, he brings it back down
again below the Overcast.

Although at this point it occurs to me that the picture might be of
him on Dzur Mountain in Sethra's abode at the top, which was above the
Overcast at least part of the time during the Interregnum.