Assassinations at Valabar's

Thu May 22 07:28:02 PDT 2003

>From: Iván Rebollo <ivanrebollo at hotmail.com>
>>Which means that Vlad might be a rules-breaker once more, the first guy
>>whom the Jhereg attempt to assassinate inside Valabar's....

There's a fun thought- New Vlad story?

>>Thomas Crain
>Yesterday I finished reading Issola and there was something that I didn't 
>manage to understand then, but that maybe now takes sense: Issola finishes 
>with Vlad in front of Valabar's saying "there were no assassins waiting to 
>kill me, at least yet".
>I remember that in Yendi one of the clues which makes Vlad start to wonder 
>if its opponent (I don't remeber its name) actually doesn't try to kill him 
>is that in the last kill attempt the assassins didn't try to kill him 
>inside the restaurant but in the door, where he can move freely. Later he 
>argues, with kraagar or Cawti (I read Yendi several years ago, sorry), 
>trhat it is stupid and no competent assassin would do like this. So, why 
>Vlad thinks that the Jheregh's assassins, who there's no doubt that wants 
>him dead, will not strike him inside but that they will wait him outside?

I believe that he was not actually at Valabar's in Yendi, and the Valabar 
Exclusion Rule applies only to Valabars- Vlad thinks restaurants are great 
places to "work".

>If these non-written rule about Valabar's safety does exists, Vlad thought 
>and conduct will take sense in two ways: (i) they will wait him to respect 
>the rule and (ii) Vlad choices Valabar's because, althought he doesn't 
>worry now about the Jhereg, he wants the best meal: if in the middle of it 
>appears an army of assassins he won't enjoy it, doesn't he?
It's a reflex

James Griffin, Still Another Vlad faN

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