Assassinations at Valabar's

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Thu May 22 12:52:45 PDT 2003

> SKZB has said that he's under contract to write two more Vlad novels. 
> But I doubt we'll hear about them until the rest of the Viscount books
> come out.  Although SKZB never said when the new books will take place,
> I'm hoping they take place right after _Issola_.

I can't remember where, but Steve has said that he's
got an idea for the next Vlad novel, and I believe he
said something about after the Viscount books.

Although, it sounds like he's got some other projects he's
thinking about or working on right now, so who knows.

And I agree, I'd love to see a post-Issola novel, but I won't
be picky.  Any Vlad story is a good one!

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