Assassinations at Valabar's

Fri May 23 09:18:16 PDT 2003

--- Steven Brust <skzb at dreamcafe.com> wrote:
> At 02:28 PM 5/22/2003 -0700, Greg Rapawy wrote:
>> you've said in the past that you felt it was
>> important in _Teckla_ and subsequent books to move Vlad 
>> away from being an assassin because you felt that the first
>> two Vlad books came too close to glorifying, or endorsing, 
>> or failing to condemn, his conduct.

> *blink*
> Did I say that?
> What was I on at the time?

This is the language I was remembering:

] It turns out that Teckla was written after a friend of 
] Brust's (who was a communist orgainzer) was killed by the
] mafia.  This, not suprisingly, set off a lot of soul-
] searching on Brust's part about glamorizing hit-men an was
] behind Vlad's transformation into _ex-_mob boss/hitman 
] ending with Phoenix. He mentioned spending a lot of time 
] thinking about John Gardner's book On Moral Fiction. This 
] also makes the character of the ghost in Teckla a bit more
] compelling.

<keshlema-F0B3F0.05305310092000 at news.itd.umich.edu>, quoting
which is now a broken link.  Of course, it is hearsay, so you
may well have said something else that was distorted in

The quote is obviously personal, which is why I tried to phrase
the question diffidently; I was curious about whether your
thinking on the subject had evolved as the chronology of the
series did.  I do think _Dragon_, for instance, shows Vlad more
concerned with moral issues than _Jhereg_ or _Yendi_ does -- not
introspective, perhaps, but beginning to think about why he
finds some Dragaeran behavior repellent, and to compare it to
his own.

-- Greg