Assassinations at Valabar's

Thomas FURNITURE ARTIST WyrmOuroboros at comcast.net
Sat May 24 22:56:24 PDT 2003

> There's a fun thought- New Vlad story?

Oddly enough, if the next Vlad story DOES pick up right there, I think 
it would be interesting for Steve to (again) write in the person of 
someone not Vlad -- or, perhaps instead of an 'Athyra' (entirely in the 
person of someone !Vlad), an 'Orca' (part Vlad, part the other).  The 
person I'd select would, of course, be the one guy we REALLY have all 
been waiting to hear the inner thoughts from, the one guy in the Jhereg 
still more-or-less loyal to Vlad -- Kragar.  The scene starts rolling 
in my head:

     The guy I hired to take over for Melestav wasn't as good; not for 
the first time I cursed the idiot for taking that shot at Vlad.  I 
suppose I didn't blame him; the price on that particular Easterner's 
head made the amount they paid him to take a certain Dzur/Dragon 
crossbreed Jhereg for a walk in the jungles seem piddly by comparison.  
And then my new secretary walked into my office.
     "Boss, you ain't gonna believe this, but you'll never guess who's 
sitting in Valabar's right now."
     I've always hated guessing games.  "The Empress?"
     He shook his head.  "Nope.  That Easterner, Taltos."  He didn't 
pronounce Vlad's name right; you just can't get good help these days.
     I sat there for about a minute, then shook my head.  Vlad coming 
back to Adrilankha meant he was either completely insane, wanting to 
give a Morganti blade a dinner as good (to its palate) as Valabar's was 
to everyone else's, or ... I couldn't come up with a third reason.
     "Okay.  Good work.  Ummm, keep a lid on this; I don't want every 
two-bit hood getting in our way trying to take a shot."
     "Right, boss."  He walked out.  Maybe stupidity was something you -
should- hire for every now and then.  I shook my head; I hoped Vlad 
wouldn't mind seeing an old friend -- once he noticed me, I mean...

Thomas Crain