Loraan, Orlaan, Rolaan...

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Thu May 29 11:55:37 PDT 2003

All right, since no one else has continued this, and
I'm always looking for a good excuse to ignore my work....

> "It was a dark and stormy night in the city of Aalron. I was hungry and 
> decided to get some chow at Laanro's Bar and Grill. It was then I met a 
> man.  He was sitting at the end of the bar, nursing his beer.  He 
> clearly had a lot on his mind.  He hadn't been there long; rain still 
> dripped off of his long leather coat.  I was a couple of seats down; 
> eating my chili con carne.  His beer, a Nalora Porter, appeared to have 
> recovered from his brief mouth-to-mouth resucitatation effort, 
> although I suspect that relationship was doomed to be a short one.  
> I stared at my chili con carne, toying with it with my spoon when he 
> spoke . . .

"Hey, buddy.  You know the biggest problem facing our world today?  Flea
collars.  Damn things smell worse than an elderly male yak.  And they
chafe across the neck, too.  I've got . . .

Chris (Who's got cats on the brain these days...:)
"So farewell hope, and with hope, farewell fear,
 Farewell remorse!  All good to me is lost;
 Evil, be thou my Good"
	- John Milton - 'Paradise Lost'