offworld jhereg

Beth Friedman bjf at wavefront.com
Mon Jun 2 11:54:36 PDT 2003

In our previous episode at 01:55 PM 6/2/03, Melissa Gay wrote:
>The picture, by Stephen Hickman, was done as the t-shirt design for 
>Chattacon 2003 back in January, where he was the Artist Guest of Honor. I 
>own one. The Offworld Designs version has removed the Chattacon reference 
>and is just using the Jhereg image.
>On my shirt, it says, "Copyright Stephen Hickman 2003", so I would hope 
>the Offworlds people got Mr. Hickman's permission and paid him 
>appropriately for the privilege. Are they a reputable company?

Yes.  We've used them for Minicon T-shirts for several years.

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