Why Aren't I Afraid?

Tue Jun 3 07:12:39 PDT 2003

>> Finally, in page 95 Savn asks himself "Why aren't I afraid?"  Excuse
> indicator of low socio-economic status.  "Aren't" doesn't make sense
> but is "colloquially acceptable and indeed almost universal" (Fowler's
> Modern English Usage, 2nd Ed., under "Be 7").  I would speculate that

Were I a philologist, I might check to see if
the use of are in "Why aren't I afraid?" is a
remnant of the English subjunctive (c.f., 'If
I were afraid' vs. 'I was afraid').

But I'm not; I'm just an old biologist and
environmental/safety guy.  ;)

Having said that I, I want to say that I love
this list!  After _Phoenix Guard,_ the Paarfi
narratives didn't appeal to me until I read
_Pathos of Dead_... at which I went back and
re-read _Phoenix Guard,_ _500 Years After,_
_Brokedown Palace,_ and all of the Vlad novels.
So this list gives me something to do while
I jones for another SKZB work.  ;)

- Glas

Glas * glas at larp.com