Wear Brust on your Chest

Wed Jun 4 13:20:37 PDT 2003

>#Ashes of Victory or War of Honor - I've forgotten which one the CD
>#came in.  It isn't the most recent Honor Universe book anymore -
>#there's another short story collection out.
>Ashes is a novel on the disc; I think WarOH is too. I'm on the
>next-to-last or 3rd-last item in the Honorverse listing on the disc
>(there are many other texts on it, as well as Echo's Children's three
>Honor filks!!).  The title I'm in now is a s.s. collection, one by Weber
>and 1-2 by others; the previous was likewise. I think this is Worlds of
>Honor and the previous was More than Honor.
>-- Mark M.
Actually, War of Honor is the last long novel, but Service of the Sword is 
the latest short story collection and came out several months ago.

James Griffin, Still Another Vlad faN

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