It has to be done. I apologize in advance.

Mon Jun 9 13:15:57 PDT 2003

I have decided that this list is too quiet.  The following is 
designed to stir the pot a bit.  Also, it's designed to make you 
laugh, through a careful combination of pomposity, elegance, 
and crude shock value.

Warning: The following contains parody, humor, and other themes 
not suitable for young minds.  To avoid legal issues, Steve is 
free to use any wording, ideas, etc with or without credit as he 
chooses, should he be insane enough to wish such a thing.

A wind rose among the slopes of Dzur Mountain, slopes that   
reflected the faint orange light of dusk within the borders 
of the Empire.  The wind scattered dust, sent it swirling among 
the rocks, growing in fury until it howled past the ear of the 
Dzur itself, the ear within which the Enchantress was said to 
lurk.  The howling fury grew as the wind passed down the massive 
shape in stone, joining other winds from other mountains, merging 
to flow into the heart of the Empire like a river to the sea.  
It was not /the/ beginning... but it was /a/ beginning.

But in the sheltering ear of the great Dzur, great sorceries were 
at work.  The aura of power flickered and hummed, a deep uneven 
rhythm, straining to contain that which sought potent escape.  
The powerful energies at work within the Mountain gathered 
strength, and the great Dzur almost seemed to purr, the 
massive stone of its spine appearing in the fading light to be 
arched in some arcane feline pleasure.  

And if the well-nigh legendary shape of Dzur Mountain could be 
interpreted in that manner, how then are we to describe the soft 
voice of the Enchantress herself, wrapped in the bonds of her 
magic that gleamed with a strong resemblence to the blackest of 
silks, clothed in the mystic and indeed mistic energies of the 
Orb itself, shorn of all ornamentation save the hilt of Iceflame 
itself, as she moaned with a voice that commanded the energies 
of the universe... "Oh, Vlad, more!"

Not even the most stringent interrogation could be sufficient to 
draw forth a description of what some dauntless Dzur Hero would 
have found upon reaching that most eldritch dwelling, for indeed 
the sight would have torn asunder the mind of any casual 
observer.  As we would view the Medusa itself in a mirror lest we 
be turned to stone, so we must approach this scene by means of 
the mirror that adorns the ceiling of that particular ear.  

As we now turn our gaze into the mirror we must inquire of the 
reader whether they appreciate the dire peril which even this 
precaution, admittedly one of elementary design and fashioned by 
a hand unskilled in the art which is sorcery, though perhaps not 
entirely without talent in his own art, that of history, or 
perhaps in this matter more of historical interpertation, for we 
seek to interpert the visions history has provided in a manner 
neither unseemly nor overly florid, but rather with precision and 
deftness sketch the outlines of a picture the reader can surely 
fill in for himself, cannot entirely avert.  

The mirror itself, we should say, is ... ah... Sethra... I was 
just wanting to ask... um... researching for my new book, "The 
Enchantress of..." you've heard of it then?  Ah, yes, I'll be 
going now... 


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