Half-breed citizenship

Fri Jun 20 04:27:04 PDT 2003

Dear all,

Regarding FHYA, some months ago you wondered about the possibility to break 
the Orb's link in order to keep a prisioner in the Imperial prision. I have 
been wondering myself the odd situation af half-breed in the Empire through 
the two main exemples that I can rememenber from FHYA and JHEREG. Both 
half-breed where in the Jheregh house (and, in fact, in the Jheregh itself).

That's my open question: if there are just three open houses who accept to 
include members not born there (Jhereg by selling titles, Dzur fighting 
seventeen heros and Teckla becaming a servant), a half-breed will only be 
able to have a link to the orb and thus use sorcery through entering in one 
of the former three.

Maybe this is the reason that both half-breed that we know have entered into 
the Jhereg and, also, why it is such  a social blame to be or to breed a 
half-breed, specially in the post-interregnum Dragaera where sorcery is a 
commonly and needed tool in each-day life.


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