How does someone get a link to the Orb

Fri Jun 20 08:00:28 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 10:30, charles_sumner at harvard.edu wrote:

> It's important to remember that in all of 
> the books we've never seen a "normal" transition of the Orb from one ruler 
> to the next.

We've seen, or seen close to two handing offs of the Orb, where one
Emperor(ess) willingly stepped down and handed it off to the next
House.  This happened shortly before the beginning of FHYA, and we also
know Zerika hands the Orb off to Norathar sometime before Paarfi

And we sorta saw a 'normal' transition after the death of an
Emperor(ess).  After Tortaalik's death, the Orb did stop and process for
a moment to determine who the next Emperor should be, and settled on
Andron.  It was only because Andron happened to be running a spell to
rip the Orb away from the emperor (which became Andron) and give it to
Andron that the transition became something other than normal.  But
before the explosive loop occured, we did see the Orb actually decide
who the next Emperor should be.  And based off of what we saw in
_Yendi_, we do know that the considerations of the Dragon Council went
into how the Orb chose.