Imperial Transitions (How much can we trust Paarfi)

Fri Jun 20 10:34:44 PDT 2003

> As for the Zerika to Norathar transition, I can't recall if actually know 
> any of the details of this.  We can tell from Paarfi's dedication page the 
> date of the hand off, but do we really know what happened?

ISTR the transition being described as "peaceful"  AFB, but the notes in
my Timeline suggest that pgs.315-316 of FHYA are the place to check.


>  We know that Vlad and Cawti read Paarfi's works and consider them 
> to be romantic fiction, not a history of the events they're set 
> around.  Based on that, we have to be careful about taking anything in them 
> as fact just because the books are as real to us as the Taltos books are.

Textev on that is a bit weak.  The Paarfi books that we have access to
were definitely published well after the references in the Vlad books.
And what we know of Paarfi's previous publishing history suggests that
it was for a far more scholarly market.  Of course, we only have Paarfi's
own word for that.

My personal feeling is that the Vlad-period references to "Paarfi romances"
are jokes put in by Brust, on the theory that the amusement value was
worth the anachronism.


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