Imperial Transitions (How much can we trust Paarfi)

Fri Jun 20 11:50:10 PDT 2003

> > ISTR the transition being described as "peaceful"  AFB, but the notes in
> > my Timeline suggest that pgs.315-316 of FHYA are the place to check.
> The paperback has Khaavren trying to get into Daro's pants on pgs 315/6...

I was referring to the hardback.  Different pagination, I guess :-(

> > Textev on that is a bit weak.  The Paarfi books that we have access to
> > were definitely published well after the references in the Vlad books.
> > And what we know of Paarfi's previous publishing history suggests that
> > it was for a far more scholarly market.  Of course, we only have Paarfi's
> > own word for that.
> >
> > My personal feeling is that the Vlad-period references to "Paarfi romances"
> > are jokes put in by Brust, on the theory that the amusement value was
> > worth the anachronism.
> Dumb explanation - Vlad doesn't refer to Paarfi in the original but to
> "Historical Romance X" which Brust-the-translator, being unversed in
> Dragaeran lit. and knowing his audience is as well, either ignorantly or
> simplifyingly ascribes to Paarfi.

This is a slightly different shading, but not incompatible with my point.

> I happen to dislike knowing that the Empire will survive smoothly to
> Norathar and would value a consistent belief-system allowing me to become
> ignorant on this point.

Well, you could just decide that Paarfi is a fictional invention of Brust's...


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