How does someone get a link to the Orb

Timothy Nelson TimN at rcn.com
Sat Jun 21 17:11:00 PDT 2003

I've always assumed that the "cycle" -- existing in metaphorical
respresentation as the big wheel in the paths -- is not exactly subject to
being effected by anything other than its own whim.

You cannot say "Ok, the cycle has turned *at this moment*" because time does
not exist in a 1 to 1 fashion in the paths.
Hm, to clarify that...

The orb may have decided on Adron, and the disaster may have happened just
as Paarfi described, but the true cycle would have continued pointing to the
Phoenix -- and because of this, destiny *required* that Adron not take full
control of the orb.

It is after all, the will of the Gods, who are beyond mortal comprehension.
Except Verra -- she's just damn cool. ;)
- Tim