How does someone get a link to the Orb

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Sun Jun 22 16:52:48 PDT 2003

Philip Hart <philiph at SLAC.Stanford.EDU> writes:

> You've snipped the gist of my argument, which is that 
> you've conflated "being chosen by the Orb" and "being 
> Emperor".  You were arguing about the former and here argue 
> about the latter. 

Sorry, I didn't read that part very closely.

However, I think you're misinterpretting that scene.  Aerich
and Adron are talking about how to tell if the Cycle has 
turned (since they can't see the big wheel themselves) and
the only way they come up with for testing this is to try to
kill the Emperor.  If the Orb lets you, then the Cycle has 
turned and you're the new Emperor; if the Orb defends the
Emperor, then the Cycle hasn't turned and you're a traitor
(and likely dead).  Compare to the Chinese(?) concept of
Divine Mandate and the death magic in Bujold's _Curse of

There was no indication that the Orb would try to choose a
new Emperor without checking the Cycle first.

Pure speculation: I believe that the Cycle (big wheel with
animals in the Halls of Judgement) is just a projection of
the Orb so that the Lords of Judgement can see the current
state of the Empire.  To me, this makes more sense than 
having the Orb controlled by it.

> - Where does Paarfi contradict himself in Khaavren's 
> interrogation?

He says that the duel that killed the Warlord's brother was
caused by him interrupting a meeting between Seodra and the
Warlord (which, if true, would make the Warlord a complete
idiot for bringing up the matter).  That meeting was between
Gyorg and Seodra.