How does someone get a link to the Orb

Mon Jun 23 08:07:52 PDT 2003

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Jag wrote:

> On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 21:04, Philip Hart wrote:
> >   So we have the Orb ask its boss what comes
> > after Phoenix, we see it find Adron, then we see it run into a null
> > pointer - or anyway this is the simplest way to read the evidence.
> I always thought of it as an infinite loop.. infinitely taking the Orb
> away from Adron and giving it back to him, except with each iteration
> through the loop, it builds up more and more power until there's more
> power/chaos than the spell/Adron can handle.  Then things get
> interesting.

On the one hand, that's more plausible than a null pointer - on the other,
Paarfi doesn't describe any iteration.  On the right, since the whole
process takes either a few seconds ('Sethra has a few seconds to act') or
a few hours (two pages of Paarfi dialogue) it's not clear whether we
should see Adron pulsing.  On the left, it would be nice if Adron was in
part done in by a primitive programming language.  Maybe that's part of
the upgrade the Orb got in the Paths - they rewrote the code in klava...