Jhereg reign

Mon Jun 23 12:46:12 PDT 2003

--- Steve Simmons <scs at lokkur.dexter.mi.us> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 12:13:00PM -0700, Genji wrote:
>> I was just pondering something...  When the emperor is a
>> Jhereg, what is law enforcement like?
> I would have to say it's not much like law enforcement.

You forget SKZB's antiprohibitionist sympathies.  I suspect he
would say it's like law enforcement as Vlad depicts it, only
*more so* -- more speeches by the Emperor about the importance
of public morality, more announcements of public crackdowns on
all sorts of vice, more public busts by the Guard of various
entrepreneurs who haven't made the proper contributions, or who
had the misfortune to make them to the wrong faction of the
Organization.  And, as a result, higher prices, tighter control
by the Jhereg, and more money flowing into their coffers.

See Vlad's comments to Ensign T___ (what was her name again?)
towards the end of Orca, about the relation between the
Organization and the Empire; Paarfi's comments on the nature of
the transition to a Jhereg reign; and the deal struck between
Greycat and the redheaded Jhereg in the middle of _FHYA_.

-- Greg