Flame War! (was How does someone get a link to the Orb)

Mon Jun 23 16:51:59 PDT 2003

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Subject: Re: How does someone get a link to the Orb

> > It is difficult for me to see how off-handedly referring to the
> > outcome of the 2000 election as a 'coup' can result in anything 
> > other than a long and tedious flamewar, accompanied by an inevitable 
> > and simultaneous coarsening and lowering of the standards of 
> > discourse hereabouts, and must therefore ask you nicely to refrain.


>...... It seems to me that it would ill-serve the list's stated 
>purpose, however.


Agreed......Unless everybody who flames writes in Paarfi/Dumas style.  Not
of course that one seeks to suggest, although one could understand if this
was understood by the comment, that Paarfi has copied the style of Dumas.

Let the flame wars begin :-)