Teckla Reign

Tue Jun 24 15:34:40 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 06:25 PM, Warlord wrote:

>> Something I've wondered that Genji made me think about again.
>> What sort of differences pop up in a Teckla reign? I assume that 
>> nobody
>> beats their servants, as they do even in a Phoenix reign?
>> Also, how is the Teckla "heir" determined, if there are no noble 
>> Teckla?
> This one is easy.  Look at the heir line.
> No noble point, no heir.
> Thank you, thank you ..... I'll be here all week.......
> Warlord

I think its mentioned somewhere (in Teckla, I believe) that when its 
the Teckla's turn the Empire becomes a Republic. I would go further 
assume its a Roman style republic, with a head of state and Senate or 
other kind of legislative body. The Senate would hold most of the power.
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